Top 5 Essential Mobile Tools For Bloggers

Blogging has become a passive income avenue for many millennials. As per statistics, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages of blogging every month. Students, college graduates, executives, and even stable job holders are blogging for fields they are passionate about but can’t use as a source of permanent income. Many corporates understand the importance of blogging and the information people use from them. It is reported that companies who enter into blogging end up getting 97% more links to their original websites. There are many applications that are used by these freelance bloggers to make their content more approachable and likable.

1.    WordPress

The world’s most popular website builder is WordPress. It is reported that 39% of the global web is built on WordPress with 70 million posts published every month by its users. It is an open-source blogging tool that enables people to create their own content without any financial burden. There is a WordPress mobile app for android, iOS, and BlackBerry. You can publish text, photos, and videos directly from your mobile. It enables you to collect statistics of your blog performance, such as how many views during a time period.

2.    Blogger

Blogger is a mobile application that is widely used by bloggers around the world to connect to their readers. It’s an application to send a text message or an email. It has numerous options such as turning email into a blog, send posts via text, sends pictures through SMS.

3.    Pixlr Express

Another must-have hand on experience for a blogger is Pixlr express. Pixlr is a mobile photo-editing application that enables you to edit your pictures from your mobile. You can cut, crop, resize, make a collage, change colors, auto fix, and add many interesting effects to your pictures through Pixlr.

4.    Buffer

As a blogger, one important aspect of your content is how much viewership you are generating through your blog. It depicts the success of your blog. To increase the audience of your blogs you need to promote them so your content can reach out to more people. Buffer helps you publish your content across various social media channels. Buffer provides you analytics for trending comments on your blogs and the most appreciated elements of your blogs. They have free plans available, which enable you to schedule 10 posts per month for 3 different social media profiles.

5.    Inshot

As per the Video Marketing Statistics for 2020, around 87% of professionals use videos as an advertising tool to enhance the ROI of their videos. Inshot is an extremely useful video editing mobile application famous in the blogger’s community that largely rely on videos. It is an all-in-one visual content editing application allowing you to edit photos, videos, and create image collages. Its features include trimming a video, rotating footage, fast speeding footage, adding filters, text, and music to videos, and many other handy features to make your videos more interesting. You can get rid of the in-app advertisement by paying $2.99 for your account.

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