Tips for bloggers to increase traffic by using audio apps

Blogging has become an everyday business for millennials. You find people blogging about their concepts, product reviews, lifestyles, entertainment, makeup & beauty tips, home décor, and so many other varieties of topics. It might not be as simple as it may seem. Many times, people who are doing it professionally as the main income stream, put in a lot of effort and time to increase the traffic on their blogs. There is a lot of creativity in terms of audio enhancement techniques, music choice, video editing, and picture enhancing applications that are used to make an audio or video likable. Bland, monotonous, and one tone audios and videos are boring for people. You have to prepare a video like an elevator pitch, so people get your idea and don’t have to spend a lot of time either.

Many audio enhancing applications are used by bloggers to make their creativity more attractive to listeners.

Critical techniques a blogger needs to know for audio works

Every blogger must have hands-on knowledge about a few audio working techniques to make the sound of the video more clear and catchy. There is always a risk of copyrights due to which mainstream social media applications block the audio of many video clips. Therefore, you must know how to edit the copyrighted audio for it to not get blocked by the application provider.

WordPress best for audio content distribution

Every blogger must know that WordPress is the best platform for audio content generation and distribution. Along with that, you must know how to work with WordPress audio plugins. If you have a clear understanding, practice, and knowledge about this software, you can very well generate content worth the listener’s interest.

Reliable web hosting service

A reliable web hosting service (such as HostGator) is a must-have for any blogger who is seriously putting in the effort to demonstrate audio skills through blogging. Having a sound to your blog humanizes it and brings in credibility. For bloggers, increased traffic is most important. Any downtime would irritate the followers, and readers will move to the next blog. Stable hosting means stable traffic.

An excellent microphone

Invest in an excellent microphone for a better quality of sound. Initially, you can rely on a moderately priced microphone to communicate with your listeners. However, with time invest in a branded good-quality mic for adding authenticity.

Audio recording software

There are numerous audio recording softwares you can use via your mobiles, such as ASR Voice Recorder, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, RecForge II – Audio Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder. Most applications are free for everyday features. However, you can always invest in a little and get the paid version to increase features access. All these applications help you make your content more followers friendly and interactive.

Every blogger should try and make their page more interactive and humanize it by adding features like audio-video tutorials, chats, clips, so on and so forth. It brings life to your blog and more traffic!

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