Start a music blog with mobile apps only

Music is an essential part of life for this generation. As soon as we step into this world, the one thing that excites even a baby is music. How boring, dull, and sob would be our lives without music? One can’t even imagine life without it. Would you like to become a mobile musician? For someone who hasn’t taken formal training in playing music or singing, but is naturally blessed with a great voice can start a career through making and distributing music from a mobile. It wasn’t possible in yesteryears, but luckily, we are born at a really good time. This is an era where producing, making, and sharing talent in music is extremely cheap and economical. So, what does one need to become a musician only by using mobile applications?

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

It is one of the best audio recording applications for talented musicians who have a creative mind in the music. This application is free to download and lets you edit audio with many functions. You can create various types of music through built-in instruments. Various features it offers are USB audio interfaces, MIDI support, various FX packs, multi-track recording, multiple audio effects, and non-destructive editing.


BandLab is another most famous and useful mobile application for music enthusiasts. It allows a 12-track mixer for people who want to create their own music. There are music samples, tuner, looper, and recording features. Anyone serious about audio recording must have this app handy to make and share music on social media.

FL Studio Mobile

People interested in electronic, techno, and a similar genre of music should download this application as soon as possible. This is extremely useful with a bunch of features like creating, mixing, mastering music for listeners. There is plugin support with this app as well. This application is not free, but the price is easily affordable for anyone. However, if you are into recording advanced level music, then it’s a good investment.

Love jamming? Download Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is an extremely popular sound mixing and recording app. There is a wide variety of samples to choose from in this application. It is also slightly bent towards electronic and drumbeats but highly recommended to create catchy music for millennials. The app is totally free, so you don’t have to pay a dime to get it installed. However, there are in-app purchases available for advanced level mixing.

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