How recording Applications supplement your e-commerce is the new normal

Since not every blogger can register for a crash course in IT, many rely on easy to use and convenient mobile applications. These applications are not just handy but also helps these people with small businesses to attain viewership and revenue. There are numerous audio and video recording applications that help bloggers running e-commerce business to edit their raw material and make it presentable. Any small business entrepreneur doesn’t need to hire an expert to conduct these easily doable edits through the help of these applications, most of which are free.

1.    Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe premiere rush is an application that is primarily free for android, iOS, and Windows OS, but the paid version offers even more features. People who are into designing, photography, or mobile video editing can use this app on their smartphones. The videos you are making can be readily available without having to edit them on the desktop. Record a video from your phone, instantly edit it, and share it with your audience. The monthly subscription-based package includes 100GB of cloud storage and unlimited projects.

2.    ASR Voice Recorder

This app is free to use with in-app ads. It is downloadable for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. It is a voice-recording user-friendly application that is free to use. It offers users to record in different formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A. There is a pro version as well, which enables you to upload on the cloud with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, FTP, WebDAV, and Auto Email. Through the free version, you can record via an inbuilt microphone or Bluetooth microphone.

3.    Soundcloud

SoundCloud is a podcasting application that every music and recording enthusiast has. If you want to leap the small e-commerce business through an audio recording, this should be on your mobile. You can not only create recordings but also promote your voice/music blogging on Twitter through in-stream Twitter/SoundCloud cards. You can build an audience for your voice as there is a huge viewership SoundCloud offers.

4.    Call Recorder

Many small businesses need call recording for a record of customer’s instructions. Call Recorder is a useful app for all entrepreneurs who can’t invest in expensive recording software. As soon as it detects a call coming in or going out, it starts recording the call and saves the recording on the user’s mobile. Secured by password, sync-able with cloud, sharable via SMS or email, recording a binary conversation, call record organizing, whitelisting, and blacklisting numbers are its most dominant features.

5.    Voice Memos

For the entrepreneurs who don’t have the formal staff to design office memos and share them with the staff, Voice Memos is a must-have application. It is an iOS-based application that enables you to record, pause, and save your memos on your device. These memos are sharable via email and social media as well. Templates of office memos are always available on the internet, which you can use to create your own and share with relevant people.

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