Best Apps To Listen To Audio Podcasts

Listening to the podcast has become a trend in this society. Everyone on earth would love to listen to podcasts. But, to listen to a podcast with no effort placed, one needs to own an App. The app enables the user to listen and download podcasts to their devices with minimum effort. Thus, we have brought some of the best apps to listen to the podcasts for your ease.

Google Podcasts

If you’re looking for a free podcast app, then there is nothing better than Google podcasts. It’s one of the finest apps that Google ever designed. With Google podcasts, one can listen to all of the available podcasts on Google without any hindrance.

Ergo, if you are trying to have a free podcast app with good performing capabilities, then betting on Google podcast will work finely for you.


Castbox is one of the best performing podcast apps that you may own. The app has a free version, and it offers its premium membership for as low as $ 0.99. Hence if you do not want to see an advertisement while listening to your podcast, go for Castbox premium.

The app’s best thing is its compatibility with Apple Watch, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, CarPlay, and Android Auto. All in all, it is something that you must get for listening to audio podcasts.


Podbean is what everyone would like to get for listening to an audio podcast. The reason why this app is on our list is that it allows you to listen, subscribe, download, and as well as stream podcasts.

Moreover, the app has lock screen control and numerous other effects for a better audio experience. Not to forget, the app has a free and paid variant that will cost your pocket as much as $ 9.99.


Castro is a unique podcast app that offers its user some of the most notable features. The app comes up with an in-box-centric user interface and can manage your podcast queue to the best possible extent. The Castro podcasts have a vigorous audio-enhanced feature for better audio quality, but this needs to go premium. 


If you are an IOS user, there cannot be any better podcast app than Downcast. It is something made, especially for IOS users. The app is compatible with the Apple watch and Carplay. Moreover, this app lets you skip lengthy intros and advertisements with its premium membership. 

The app has got thousands of podcasts that you can stream with no effort placed. So, download the app for better podcast quality on your IOS.


Luminary is a recently launched app with some of the best audio podcast features. For $7.99 only, the app will enable you to access all of the audio podcasts available on web browsers. Something that makes Luminary one of the best performing podcast apps is that it will provide you The Daily by The New York Times and Reply All from Gimlet Media.

In the end, it will not be incorrect to say that above you have been through some of the best apps to listen to the audio podcast. As per your requirements, select the best out of the apps mentioned above and enjoy listening to audio podcasts.

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