10 Essential Android Audio Recording Apps

Smartphones have really outdone themselves in providing us all the necessities at a simple click. The best part is that they offer certain high-end features without having to spend a dime. Want to audio record? No need to look for recorders.

To make your search easier, here are the top 10 essential audio recording apps for your Android mobile. Easily record audios on your phone that will always stay safe with you.

1.    ASR Voice Recorder

Our top pick is the ASR voice recorder because of its competency; it offers a bunch of recording formats like OGG, MP3, MP4, WAV, and FLAC. The Pro version offers different upload integrations with Dropbox, FTP, One Drive, Google Drive, Box, WebDAV, Yandex Disk, Auto Email, etc.

2.    FL Studio Mobile

This app offers a bunch of electronic type music like hip hop, electronica, etc. It has many effects to create and mix music, and even record live if needed.

3.    Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

MP3 is the most convenient format to use since it is easy to upload without ruining the sound quality. It automatically uploads to Dropbox as well. It has a standard widget, and you can choose which mic on your device you want to use.

4.    Music Maker Jam

This free app is a fairly popular music-making app. It offers a variety of tools, samples, and other music-making features. You can also record your own voice or music as well along with a little bit of editing.

5.    RecForge II – Audio Recorder

This is a powerful, versatile recording app with a ton of capabilities, including Playback Speed Adjustments, various formats, manual automatic gain control, cloud integration, and adjustable quality levels.

6.    Walk Band

This recording app is for instrumentation, unlike much of your other regular recording apps. It supports MIDI controllers for recording music and lets you import audios for others. This app is a bit complicated than others and is not meant for simpler purposes.

7.    Easy Voice Recorder

The Pro version offers recordings in MP3, MP4, AMR, PCM, and AAC formats. Adding its widget to your home screen can make it fairly easy to operate; it acts like a single tap recorder.

8.    Smart Recorder

This is a great app with awesome recording functions. It allows you to skip the silent parts of the audio and listen to the sounds. It also features background recording, SD card support, and much more. The app is free on Google Play Pass.

9.    Evernote

This app does not have many advanced qualities like the other apps, but you can record audio with up to 25 MB on the basic version and 200MB with the premium version. Open the application and simply click the microphone icon. You can also sync it across other devices.

10. Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voicee Recorder has the quality of recording with all microphones in your device. This is quite uncommon in other apps and is definitely recommended. This concludes our search for the best audio recording apps with our top 10 favorite picks. All 10 applications are easy to use and offer top features that set them apart from the

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